VH1 reality show 'Supergroup' promo


With this project, I was approached by VH1 to create a promo for their reality show 'Supergroup' in which they assembled an all-star band of seasoned rockers. In the concept, photos of the musicians come to life, and body parts rip from the pictures, fly together and assemble into a multi headed, multi-limbed, all-in-one-rock-band frankenstein hydra rocking out on a skull covered mountainside, drumming with hammers, smashing guitars, and spewing fire, backed by a wall of pounding speakers and seething clouds. Good old rock n roll mayhem.

photo cut-out animation
directed and animated by Pete List
effects and compositing: Ian Hutchinson

Sebastian Bach (Skid Row, vocals), Ted Nugent (guitar), Scott Ian (Anthrax, guitar), Jason Bonham (drums), Evan seinfeld (Biohazard, bass)