SeepeopleS 'New American Dream' music video

designer/director/animator - Pete List

Winner of a Platinum2017 Pixie Award

With this project, the band SeepeopleS approached me to create a music video that is politically current but also with historic content to match the chorus, "I want to be the president and kill everyone." After a lot of research and consultation with a historian friend of mine, I developed graphic historical vignettes, and I decided to approach the current politics in the context of 'world leader as Kaiju', giant beings fighting each other across the world, with no regard for the little people.

SeepeopleS logo designed by Victoria Karol    produced by PI MUT / SeepeopleS FamilY    executive produced by the A.R.M.E.

SeepeopleS 'New American Dream' from the EP 'HATE' available at