McDonalds UK 'Always Working'

For this :60-second spot,  agency Leo Burnett London and director Yves Geleyn decided to go with miniature replacement and stop motion animation to tell the story of how McDonalds UK is always working to improve their Happymeals. The spot follows a group of miniature men and women on a journey through the idyllic British countryside to the different Happymeal work sites. All of the featured character animations are hand-painted miniature replacement models in HO scale (people are .75" or 21 mm tall), and all of the food items that appear gigantic, are true to scale. It was an incredibly meticulous and time consuming effort, but the end result has authenticity and a human touch, that adds so much to a story. Really quite stunning.

animators - Pete List, Matt Christensen, Maxwell Sorensen, director - Yves Geleyn, DP - Toby Howell, Produced at Hornet, agency - Leo Burnett London