Lavazza 'Carmencita' Ep12

Lavazza 'Carmencita' Episode 12
Inizi e Fini
Beginnings and Endings)

director - Pete List

produced at Little Bull - Torino, Italy and Curious Pictures NYC
agency - Armando Testa

Fourth of a series of twelve, two-and-a-half minute sitcom style animated commercials for Italian television based on an historical stop motion Lavazza campaign.

The series won two Golden ADCI Awards [Italian art Directors Club].

With this production, Armando Testa wanted to revisit an historic stop motion campaign created for Lavazza in the late 1960's, and bring it up to date with a female lead cast and life sized coffee-filter-shaped stop motion characters on a full scale set. With a small team from New York, I worked in Torino, Italy with Little Bull to shoot the production, and completed post production in New York.  Using a combination of stop motion, puppeting, and post animation and effects, we created twelve, two-and-a-half minute animated commercials, which aired on Italian televison as a weekly sitcom series.