'The Duckling Gets A Cookie!?'

excerpts from the short film based on NY Times best book by Mo Willems     director/animator - Pete List    produced by Paul R. Gagne and Mo Willems

The Duckling asks for a cookie -- and gets one! Do you think the Pigeon is happy about that? 

My eighth of eleven film collaborations with Mo Willems and Weston Woods, and the fouth film digging into the funny, dark psyche of the Pigeon as he really let's loose with an aggitated, righteous, self-pitying rant about a cookie 'with nuts'.

Mo Willems as Pigeon, Trixie Willems as Duckling, Music by Scotty Huff,  Sound Design Steve Syarto, Executive Producer Linda Lee. Book published by HarperCollins Publishers text and illustrations copyright © 2012 by Mo Willems. Film copyright © 2014 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.